Nutrition Testimonials

Lauren - NSW

Dog - Jixa 7mth Kelpie

"Thanks Sam, I honestly feel like a gained a lot of much needed information and reassurance talking to you.

I appreciate the sensible take you have on canine nutrition and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of an improved diet for Jixa. I have already placed an order for the cuts and organs I wasn’t able to find locally so when that turns up next week I’ll be able to get started, my local pet shop stock big dog brand as well so there’s a convenient backup close by available to!
Thanks again!"
Drew - Vic
Dogs - Mr.Bill Bull Arab x 6 years, Max Border collie 8 years, Jessie and Ellie (sisters) border collie, 3 years.
Having trialled the That’s Offal and Veggie Bomb:
”Having 4 dogs on That’s Offal and Veggie Bomb, I thought we would see the same results across all the dogs. Whilst we have seen some common changes across all the dogs, we have also seen changes and benefits in each individual dog. From hardened stools, Stamina levels and even something as simple as excitement at mealtimes (which can be a real problem in a house with multiple dogs). We have seen individual benefits across all our dogs, and we will definitely be continuing the use of these supplements”.